Waarin ik geloof

Klanten hebben niet altijd gelijk en je medewerkers zijn belangrijker. De eerste verantwoordelijkheid van CEO’s is hun medewerkers;

“Serve them, and they will serve the customer, who will ultimately drive the business and benefit the stakeholders. In that order”

(Simon Sinek, “Leaders eat last”, 2014).

De ontwikkeling naar ‘data-driven’ (en de abstractie die dit met zich meebrengt)

“We live in a new age of Enlightenment. Only now, our men of science are men of business and economics, who rely on metrics, drives for efficiency, Lean, Six Sigma, calculations of returns on investment and empirical data as the preferred means to guide decisions. And with all our numbers and systems, we require a greater reliance on managers to manage them. And like our inability to see the forest for the trees, sometimes we can’t see beyond the system – or the resources to be managed – to see the people doing all the work. The bigger the scale, the more abstract things become. And the more abstract things become, the more we rely on numbers to keep track of it all”.

(Simon Sinek, “Leaders eat last”, 2014).

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